Our First Book Shippment

What Does 2,016 Books Feel Like?

What does 2,016 books feel like? Well, I am now a proud knower of that question. Heavy. Delightfully real and heavy. Staring into a computer monitor can feel discouragingly stationary and uneventful. But when 2,016 hardcover books slammed my driveway, and lined my game room walls yesterday afternoon, suddenly it was refreshingly real. I’ve come […]

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Angel of Death

Why Copyright Should Die

First off, I am a tad prejudice I think Copyright is a dirty, sadistic low-life who deserves to die. If Copyright were a person, he’d be that guy who smiles, promises to help you, then stabs you in the back. Copyright is the supervillain in my story not because he needs improvement or is ineffective, […]

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Five Ways to Boost Your Creativity

5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

John Cleese’s brilliant lecture on how to boost your creativity will inspire you to take the gloves off and pursue a better way of life. Watch this lecture and don’t be inspired, I dare you. Interesting facts and anecdotes from the lecture: Creativity is not a talent, but a form of operating. Creativity is absolutely […]

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Stick's Masterpiece Kickstarter

Stick’s Masterpiece Kickstarter

We’re doing a Kickstarter to fund a hardcover print of Stick’s Masterpiece! Watch the video below as we introduce ourselves and our project. UPDATE: The Kickstarter for Stick’s Masterpiece did not fund, but… Stick’s Masterpiece will be printed in beautiful hardcover! We decided to go out on a limb and fund the first print ourselves. At first […]

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Stick's Masterpiece Front Cover

Stick’s Masterpiece – A free children’s book for the Creative Commons

We’re proud to present Stick’s Masterpiece – a free children’s book for the Creative Commons (CC BY-SA). About the Story Cute, little Stick learns that while she may not know how to paint a masterpiece, she can do small and simple things. These small and simple things, composed over a lifetime, are what become her masterpiece. And […]

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Creative Commons Children's Books

The Brothers Whim Begins

We are humbly setting out to become storymaking masters. We have no idea what we’re doing now, but we’re excited to learn. We’ll freely release everything we create to the Creative Commons. We’re calling it Brothers Whim Storybook Workshop. We believe in open source. Like magic, the internet can replicate and instantaneously deliver anywhere in the […]

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