The Brothers Whim Begins

Creative Commons Children's Books

We are humbly setting out to become storymaking masters. We have no idea what we’re doing now, but we’re excited to learn. We’ll freely release everything we create to the Creative Commons. We’re calling it Brothers Whim Storybook Workshop.

We believe in open source. Like magic, the internet can replicate and instantaneously deliver anywhere in the world, for free. This magic blows our mind, and we are determined to write it into the pages of our own life story.

We believe in stories. Stories have the power to change things. If you let it, a story can change the way you think, and therefore the way you go. It is our hope to add perhaps a bit more friendship, beauty, compassion, courage, and trust to this world through the wonderful art of storytelling.

Let the open-source storymaking begin.


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