Signing 97 Books

Randy Signing 97 Books

Reaping the benefits of facing our fears.

Last month, Faith Church did us the honor of including Stick’s Masterpiece as part of their children’s hospital outreach drive, but there was a catch. It was up to me to tell all of them about the book.

I nearly ran the other way, but then I didn’t. So glad I did not. Terrifying, but immensely rewarding.

The final tally is in!

This Sunday, Faith Church wrapped up their donation phase and sent us the final order: 97 books! This nearly doubled our total sales to date, which now stands at 242. We know 242 books doesn’t even factor into JK Rowling’s weekly rounding errors, but for us brand new authors it’s exciting stuff.

Yesterday we messaged and signed all 97 books! It was a lot of writing, but it was kind of fun getting into that groove and plowing along, especially knowing that our books would be appreciated. The message read thusly:

Great things can happen if we let God lead us, one small step at a time.

This was a fun milestone for these brothers whim.

Spencer Signing 97 Books

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