Stick’s Masterpiece Kickstarter

Stick's Masterpiece Kickstarter

We’re doing a Kickstarter to fund a hardcover print of Stick’s Masterpiece! Watch the video below as we introduce ourselves and our project.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter for Stick’s Masterpiece did not fund, but…

Stick’s Masterpiece will be printed in beautiful hardcover!

We decided to go out on a limb and fund the first print ourselves. At first we were worried that we’d be left sitting on a thousand books that nobody wanted, but not anymore. Over the past month we’ve shown the book to a lot of people (we had a couple of hardcover proof copies made up), and most everybody has expressed genuine interest in purchasing a copy.

So, what better way to get exposure than to have hardcover copies scattered around homes, public libraries, schools, and bookshops!

This is our “Field of Dreams” moment. If we build it, they will come, we hope. So here we go. We’re building.

Thank you all again for your continued support during our Kickstarter campaign. Now we know who our real friends are.

But seriously, thank you! Please continue sharing our stories! We really can’t do it without you.

Order Stick’s Masterpiece in Hardcover

Buy a hardcover for $11. If you’re looking for fundraising or business opportunities, we’re offering bulk sales for only $5 per book! Buy some boxes of books and start your own fundraiser or resale business. Zack and Austin are excited about this one!

Support Brothers Whim

No matter what, the free digital copies of the book will always be available, but physical book sales keep us going. By buying hardcover books and sharing the digital files with your friends, you can help us make more great books for the Creative Commons. Thanks for your support!



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