Stick’s Masterpiece Translated into Dutch

One of the coolest benefits of releasing your book into the Creative Commons is the tremendously satisfying privilege of seeing new translations. Recently a Dutchman, Stefaan, emailed me to inform me that he had used all open-source software tools to remix a Dutch version of Stick’s Masterpiece video, complete with an original score that he wrote. Very cool.

Here’s his email:

Hi there, Just to let you know that I liked your story “Stick’s Masterpiece” so much I just had to remix it into a Dutch translation. I added Dutch narration and custom composed music to it. I’m a total beginner in voice recording and synchronization to images, and only starting to get comfortable with video editing, but I do have a number of years of experience in writing (mainly classical) music. I used only open source software tools to create everything: linux operating system; vim for text editing while translating to Dutch; ardour4 for sound recording and mixing; blender 3d for video editing; gimp for adding text to the images I hope people will enjoy it! Since I’ve uploaded it to a brand-new youtube channel, I don’t expect a lot of views yet. Thanks for using CC license and keep up the good job!

Watch Stefaan’s production of Stick’s Masterpiece in Dutch.

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