The Cave Escape – Adventures of Brawny and Keen

The Cave Escape

I’ve got a new book for you!

It’s called The Cave Escape and is the first in a new series called The Adventures of Brawny and Keen. I’m excited about this!

Each book in the series will chronicle the magical adventures of two precocious little brothers, Brawny and Keen, and also explore how these stories impact Peter and Noah, the brothers who found these stories in an old chest.

Calling All Artists!

You’ll notice there isn’t any artwork in the book. Yet! That is hopefully where you come in.

Creative artwork can spark the imagination and make a book come to life. If you have creative ideas for artwork that captures a key scene in the book, we’d love for you to share it with us!

Email your jpg or png files to and include the following bits of information if you’d like:

  • Name
  • Age
  • City, country
  • Website
  • The chapter of the scene of your drawing.

When I receive your artwork, I’ll upload it to the Cave Escape Artwork photo albums for all to enjoy. Each book in the series will have it’s own artwork album.

Eventually, I’d like to include your best artwork in new editions of the books.


Download a free copy of The Cave Escape, and start drawing!


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